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Notice From The Manufacturer:
After 10 Years Manufacturing Marquees, and meeting customer demands with specific product functionality & requirements. The Gala Tent is now the best quality structure of its kind available, with many features and specifications, including the new Multi-Span feature.

Read This Specifications and then compare with other imitation structures:

Features & Specifications:
1. Material 350g Polyester PVC Coated Cover
2. British Standard Fire Rated to BS 5438 & BS 7837
3. Heavy Duty Strong Brass Eyelets
4. Heavy Duty Zip Front Entry Panels
5. Heavy Duty Zip Side Entry Panels
6. Steel tube: Dia.44mm x T 1.2mm framework & Joints
7. Georgian Style Substantial Window Panels
8. Steel tube: Dia.44mm x T 1.2mm Galvanised Framework
9. High Quality Grade Powder coating on Galvanised framework for prolonged life!
10. Locating Screw in every joint for stability
11. Individual Side Panel in Every 2m Bay
12. Heavy Duty Velcro & Bungee Cord Straps
13. Full instructions & care manual



More Information
Gala Tent™ is ideal for covering outdoor events or work area. They are totally transportable yet effortlessly erected to provide protection against the elements. Gala Tent™ have upright vertical walls which makes it possible to stand flush with buildings and maximise floor space.

Gala Tent™ has a strong 44mm diameter steel frame with 44mm corner joints. The frame simply slots together and each leg comes complete with a base plate that can be pegged or bolted to the ground.

Gala Tent™ is made up from 2m bays and each bay has its own individual zip side panel, which can be detached to provide an opening anywhere around the structure.
Every model has large Georgian style windows in the side panel, while the end panels have a roll up zip entry doorway. The sidewalls also have a 6inch side skirts for water drainage.

The canopy and walls of the Gala Tent™ are made from fire retardant Tarpaulin, UV stabilised material and quickly attached using simple bungee straps.

Ideal For:
* Party Celebrations
Trade Stands
* Market Stalls
* Motorbike Cover/Port
* Smoking Area for pubs, clubs, bars etc
* For storage ... etc!

Height Dimensions:
Eve Height: 205cm
Centre Apex Height: 370cm

Door Dimensions:
Width 4m x Height 2m (13 ft x 6 ft 6 in)

People Capacity:
Standing Auditorium Style: 65
Seated With Table: 36




Marquee 6 m x 6 m

                                      Gala Tent™ featuring new quality Polyester PVC coated material only available in white at the moment. Gala Tent™ is the most durable

The Gala Tent marquee is exclusively designed in seventeen different sizes to cater for all events and occasions. You may find a “CHEAPER” product, which looks

similar? but always remember “HIRE CHEAP HIRE TWICE!”

Marquee of its kind in the World!!

6m x 6m spec.

People Capacity:

Standing Auditorium Style: 65

Seated With Table: 36

Eve Height: 205 cm

Centre Apex Height: 320 cm