A/V 5.1




Remote Control  

Infra-red remote control included

Pro-Logic/pro-Logic 2/pro-Logic 2x Yes/Yes/No Analogue surround sound system - for TV and video. Pro-Logic 2 features stereo effect rears, whilst Pro-Logic 2x can output in 6.1 or 7.1

5.1/6.1/7.1 5.1 The number of channels. 5.1 is the basic standard. 6.1 adds a rear centre. 7.1 adds side effect speakers.

Dts/dts-Es Yes/No Digital Theatre System - a rival to Dolby Digital. DTS-ES is a 6.1 format that offers a rear centre speaker.

Thx Select 2/thx Ultra 2 No/No A specification requirement from Lucus Studios of Star Wars fame. THX Select 2 is the required standard for small/medium sized rooms, THX Ultra 2 is for larger rooms.

Video Inputs 2 component,3 compos Inputs for visual sources - DVD, video etc

Audio Inputs 4 Inputs for hi-fi sources - CD, tuner etc

Built-In Tuner FM/AM Built-in analogue or digital radio?

Coaxial Outputs 0 Digital output to loop digital information through

Coaxial Inputs 1 Digital input to input digital sources such as DVD player

Optical Outputs 0 Digital output to loop digital sources through

Optical Inputs 2 Digital inputs to input digital sources such as DVD players

Sub Out Yes Seperate connection for subwoofer

6-Channel Input No 5.1 analogue input - uses 6 RCA phono sockets

Power Rating (Wpc) 50 x 5 Maximum power output per channel - RMS into 8 ohms

Hdmi Interface No The highest quality, digital, connection from source and to TV. Suitable for sound and picture signals.


Sony STRDE400 Dolby Digital 5.1 Receiver